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Flipchart dealing with a difficult group

 process - common ground/ shared experiences/ allegorical group behaviour/ body language/

                achieving implicit consent for weighted co-facilitation/forming/norming

 outcomes - preventive/prophylactic manoevres

            - don't get too personally involved with group members

            - be & encourage mutual friendliness & respect (incl. names)

            - start from where group members are

            - shared aims & objectives - really   (? hopes & fears etc)

            - establish credentials non-hierachically

             - set up a pause button facility

               - remedial manoevres

                            - buy time (eg review tape/ facilitator stops talking/ allow group to effect rescue)

                            - "hold up a mirror to the group"/ pressing pause button

                                - accept & value the contribution ( ?avoid agreeing/disagreeing 

- facilitator being in the group (as in walking in their collective moccasins - but remaining appropriately detached from any emotional maelstroms)

- tolerating dissonance (so long as not too destructive)

- coming back to task/objective

CB/ABigg  20.6.00

Comms skills cascade - Ida Darwin - 15 6 00 -  difficult group group



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